Welcome to D Sew Sew Good Sewing Academy!

Have you always wanted to learn to sew but felt intimidated? D Sew Sew Good Sewing Academy can help free you of all your fears. You will leave this academy with sewing techniques and resources to continue the skill.

D Sew Sew Good Sewing Academy is striving to keep the art of sewing alive. We can guarantee that you will be inspired to make beautiful creations beyond your wildest imagination.

Thank you for being an important part of D Sew Sew Good Sewing Academy! We can ensure you that we will do everything to contribute to your success as a seamstress!

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Sewing Machine Basics

We will teach you how to setup and adjust your sewing machine, explain the different parts of the machine, and much more.

Basics of Fabrics

You will learn about different types of fabric and how they can be paired with other fabrics. Also, how to handle them with your sewing machine.

Body Measurements

You will learn how to correctly measure body parts and record measurements to ensure accuracy in your final product.

Reading Patterns

This academy will teach you how to read pattern measurements and identify the size and design variations to determine how your garment will turn out.

Garment Construction

This course will teach you how to use all the points mentioned above to construct a one-of-a-kind garment made by you!